Here goes nothin’

This is a new year and its time I start this! I’ve thought about blogging for quite a while now but have not been able to bring myself to begin. There are plenty of reasons for this. I haven’t really been prepared to put myself out there in this way. Many times its because I do not have the time to spend with it. Others, I feel I don’t have anything really to say (like today for instance). But, on this day I am attempting to begin some new practices that I hope grow to be very formative in my life.

I spent last week in Pasadena, CA in my first week of seminars for the Missional Leadership Cohort at Fuller Theological Seminary. My first year in the program will be a time of very intentional self-reflection. One of the practices my small group has adopted will be praying the Daily Office as guided by the Northumbria Community. I am diving into it fully (sign of the cross and everything!).

As I have read other blogs, I recognize that they evolve and take on certain tones. I haven’t decided where I am going with this one just yet. I’m just going to let it flow, as they say. As far as today goes, as least I’ve begun. That has been the biggest barrier to this point. So, here goes nothin’…


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