My Friend in Kosova

I received the following email this weekend from my friend from Kosovo.  I have not seen him in 4 years.  Back in 2004, my first year with my current job, I was afforded an amazing opportunity to travel in 11 countries over the space of about 7 weeks.  One of the most amazing nights of my life was spent in Kosovo over dinner in an Albanian home followed by walking the streets of their small village with two very intelligent high school age boys.  We heard their first hand accounts of the wars of the early 90s; we chatted with their friends who were returning to their homes from a peaceful demonstration at the city center; we accepted “thank-yous” from most (upon their discovery of our USA citizenship) for our efforts militarily in ending the wars of the early 90s.  I can’t approach adequately conveying that night to you here.  However, I wanted to post my friend’s email and get your comments before I continue.  I’ve got to get out the door to an appointment anyway…more later:

My dear friends and brothers in Christ!

I would love to thank you so much for you prayers and congratulations of Kosova’s Independence! I hope God will bring peace in Kosova and in region! I will always remember the struggle of your countries for all these years to bring democracy and peace where all people can live together! thank you USA!! I wish i could hug every american and express my great happines and my emotional greatfullness! I have been living these days with so much joy just like every albanian person in the world and I also have been praying for peace in serbia and other countris to leave Kosova govern it’s own Home!

My dream!
I always had a dream to get education someday and be able to serve my country but it has been very difficult in transsation time in Kosova and comming out from a poor family it was impossible to countinue my university education! i was obligated to imigrate in west europe to find job and help my father to pay his depts during last 15 years that he had taken to keep our familly survived! After i graduated from High school the situation in my familly got worst, my father couldn’t countinue with his fragile health and medicine drugs couln’t help him anymore! He had to get heart operation to reconect his three bypass! The cost was a lot, we asked money everywhere and we made it, and he was saved! I Stopped university but i still was a part of church where i was so blessed to go and listen and try to learn more about Jesus! Love for him was growing everyday espscially with a great teacher like *** ****. Since Aprill 2006 I am struggling to find job by imiggrating in Illegal 5 Europian western countries,It is like a nightmare but my faith is so strong and this gives me Joy! Now i am Italy, I work since 4 months but not everyday! Even though is hard to survive this way here I was able to pay 30% of my father depts and also growing with so much passion and love for Christ and trying to follow Catholic Churchs because i couldn’t find baptist churches yet.. but the love and present of God is found everywhere  I look for! Sometimes I feel so close Jesus, he is just there when i am needed! I am so blessed but now I wonder what I could serve for Jesus!? I have been in touch with my great friend and my brother *** **** and he gave me a great news few months ago! He asked me to go In Usa to get my education in Baptist University In Texas! my respond was immidiatly Yes(my dream comes true)Jesus is here again! He told me that he will ask some churches to provide money for my education and he countinues to pray! I pray also that God guide him! It will be a great return in my Homeland and serve people in Kosova after i finish University! This is a Dream to come true!
Thanks again and God bless you!
With love …

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