Serbs clash with UN and NATO in north Kosovo | Reuters

Serbs clash with UN and NATO in north Kosovo | Reuters

It’s hard to keep up with all the unrest in the world these days. I have a Google alert regarding the Kosovo situation because of my travels in that region and because I have friends who live there. Their are complex arguments on all sides of these ethnic clashes and many of the claims made predate the formation of our country. Take a couple of minutes today (at least the amount of time you took filling out your NCAA Tournament brackets) to educate yourself about an issue or about ongoing conflict outside our borders.  Create a Google Alert regarding that issue.  Be an informed consumer of the news and an informed voter.  Here are a couple of links that might help your search:
The Carter Center: Waging Peace. Fighting Disease. Building Hope.
Save Darfur
The One Campaign
Compassion International
World Vision
Peace Corps

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