Dive Deeper!

On Thursday, I’ll be leaving for The Netherlands and Germany with my daughter and a group from King’s Cross Church.  We will be in Amsterdam visiting and working with our good friends, Mark and Kathy Spaargaren on the first leg of the trip.  Mark and Kathy recently moved back to Holland as Mark began working with the Salvation Army in a ministry to the homeless in the city.  Our plans include spending some time checking out that ministry as well as some sight seeing (including the Corrie ten Boom museum, the Anne Frank House, art museums, etc).

On Tuesday (29 July) we will take the train to Leipzig, Germany for the 15th annual Baptist Youth World Conference.  Speakers will include Shane Claiborne (USA), Zach Hunter(USA), Denise Vsoncelos (Brazil), Aaron George (Grenada), Asha Sanchu (India), Edward Alabi (Nigeria), and Andreas Malessa (Germany). I am very excited about the conference, especially that Hillary will be able to attend.  It will be a cross-cultural immersion experience unlike any other.  Check out the websites I have linked.  Pray for our group as well as the thousands of youth from around the world that will be traveling to Leipzig this week.


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