Palin: President, OK…but not Pastor

This is simply amazing.  I’m not sure where to begin.  Watch the video… This would almost be funny if it wasn’t so sad.  Actual thought is obviously discouraged at this institution of higher indoctrination.

I struggle for words here.  Several jokes come to mind.  I could express my amazement at how delusional very intelligent human beings can be.  I could talk about how sad I feel for the young woman in the video who has been brain-washed to the point of denying the very image of God in which she has been created.

I guess I’ll simply say how thankful I am to be a part of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship knowing my daughter will be encouraged and supported in whatever calling she chooses to pursue.


One thought on “Palin: President, OK…but not Pastor

  1. Mike, I had to stop watching the video…felt like puking. I think of a story you told the first time I ever heard you preach. You told the story of a remote village “somewhere”. The pastor in that village was a woman. You mentioned the irony of debating in the US whether or not a woman should (could) be a pastor, yet, in this remote village, she was the only person available carrying the gospel of Jesus Christ. My family made the decision to leave First Judgmental Baptist Church of Tullahoma and the Southern Baptists all together. This was one of the reasons. Having a daughter myself, I understand the comfort in knowing that God can use her regardless of her “plumbing”. Would these people rather have an unfaithful, womanizer for a pastor instead of a woman seeking the face of our righteous God?

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