Electoral College…

The last time I read anything about the Electoral College process might have been in a middle school civics class taught by a guy in polyester coaches shorts, long tube socks and a whistle around his neck.  Maybe you can relate.  If so, here’s a link to the Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Administration that will give you all the info you should ever want about the electoral college (without the coaches shorts!)
NARA | Federal Register | U.S. Electoral College

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2 thoughts on “Electoral College…

  1. I can relate. I am in 7th grade, but we learned this in 3rd. Anyways, the college only is important if it is close. Some good election examples would be the 2000 and 1862 elections.

  2. In my mind, the electoral college has to be the most genius idea conceived by the founders of this country. Without the EC, it would be impossible to believe that my vote in Lynchburg, TN would ever count.

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