What year in the future are we going to land?


Don’t you think Calvin pretty much reflects our consume-now-consequences-be-damned culture?

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One thought on “What year in the future are we going to land?

  1. Consequences? What is that? French? Write in American if you want Americans to understand what you are saying. This cartoon seems to have a decidely unpatriotic slant to it.

    Seriously, have we ever been more a nation of prodigals than we are now? We have mortgaged not only our future but the futures of children and their children so that we could feed swine in a far off land. We spend millions every day to fight a war that did not need to happen while a mother in East Tennessee crys in desparation when she trys to figure out how she will feed her children.

    Consequences? That is what happens to people who had no input into the decision to do whatever it was that caused the situation that resulted from the decision into which they had no input. Go figure.

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