I’m proud of FBC Decatur

Associated Baptist Press – Church with woman pastor expects further rebuke from Georgia Baptists

There are times when I cringe when Christians make the news.  However, Julie Pennington-Russell and First Baptist Church Decatur, GA make me proud.  I know that the Georgia Baptist Convention needs FBC Decatur more than the other way around.  However, GBC hasn’t grasped that yet…

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2 thoughts on “I’m proud of FBC Decatur

  1. Another story to affirm my belief that the SBC is as bad (or worse) than the Church of Christ denomination. Like you, I like to see these stories make the news. The sad thing is most of the stories in the news are the judmental, pharisaical (still don’t know how to spell that word) attitudes that turn the stomachs of the un-churched or burned, former-churched.

    A small, insignificant, non-news making story – Susan and I had just left FJB. We worked very purposefully to slip away so as to not make a scene (which was hard for me because I wanted all the SOBs to know what jackass MF’ers I thought they were). One of the rumors flying around the “Super Baptists” as to why we left was because Susan would never be able to hold the title of “minister.” Susan worked really hard to make that children’s program successful (not in terms of numbers but in terms of bringing Jesus to children whatever their age). We visited other SBC churches in other states and several, to their credit, called the woman in charge of children’s ministries, “Children’s Minister,” which would never happen at FJB of Tullahoma.

    One side note to this story. A friend of mine who works at the bank with me asked me a couple weeks ago, “so why did you leave, anyway?” I was glad to know that we were that successful in “slipping away” without incident.

    1. there loss is our gain…that was sort of selfish and competitive sounding wasnt’ it…sounds like a church comment… Dude, we are WAY TOO JADED!!! (lets go get a beer soon…somewhere that FJB folk can see us!!!) sorry…couldn’t help it…I’m going to go pray now…

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