“Everything’s amazing…nobody’s happy…”

I love this clip.  It was funny to watch my daughter try not to laugh at this last night.  I made her watch this piece after she complained about something she needed not happening instantaneously.  I’m using this particular post as an opportunity to remind me of how truly blessed I am (in more ways than mere technology).  It’s a pretty good exercise…choosing to be happy…


6 thoughts on ““Everything’s amazing…nobody’s happy…”

  1. You’ve posted this somewhere else before, I think. This is a great “conversation.”

  2. It’s easy to put Hilary on the “hot seat” for her impatience. But, honestly, technology has spoiled me. At least she has the excuse that she didn’t grow up with that “ancient” technology – great example talking about the rotary phone and getting ticked off if someone had zeros in his number – HILARIOUS! I can remember in Lynchburg when we could dial the last 5 digits of a local phone number. When we found out we’d have to dial all 7 numbers, my grandmother said, “I guess I just won’t call anybody. I’ll never be able to dial all those numbers.”

    I still think I’m supposed to turn off my cell phone at the hospital. My how times have changed!

    Tell Hilary that a friend of yours, who is still in his 30’s, can remember when his mom milked a cow for his breakfast drink and drew water from the well with a 5 gallon bucket when the power went out. 🙂

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