CBF General Assembly 2009

I just checked in here at the Hilton Americas in Houston for the 2009 Cooperative Baptist Fellowship General Assembly, 2009 edition. I’m honestly not really looking forward to the meeting this year. The family couldn’t be here and it’s shaping up to be a really busy week. (but I do have a nice view of Minute Maid Park from my hotel room window…too bad the Astros are in San Diego this week.


IPhone 3G S

I finally got out from under the oppressive regeme of Verizon. I’ve been settling for something less than an iPhone for a while now but was liberated yesterday when I arrived home and found out I did indeed have coverage at my address. This is pretty much a meaningless post…I’m merely doing it because, now, I can (via my WordPress app on my new phone…very cool!)

What I’m reading these days…

My reading list this summer has evolved into something rather interesting.  First my list of books currently in progress:

I’m sure some of this will begin to pop up in some of my blog posts.  What I really need is a regular face to face conversation about some of this stuff.