What I’m reading these days…

My reading list this summer has evolved into something rather interesting.  First my list of books currently in progress:

I’m sure some of this will begin to pop up in some of my blog posts.  What I really need is a regular face to face conversation about some of this stuff.


3 thoughts on “What I’m reading these days…

  1. It’s interesting that you list the 8W8 book about a “tribal idea” concerning CBF. After the meeting last night, Kim, Sherm, and I were talking about church in general. A comment was made that reminded me of Braveheart where Wm Wallace looks deeply into the eyes of the Earl of Bruce, raised his hand in front of his face and sternly proclaimed (paraphrased), “Unite the Clans! You’re a natural born leader, I can see it in your eyes. Unite the Clans!” It’s almost impossible to believe that the “Clans” or denominations could ever unite, but then again, like the camel and the eye of the needle, with God all things are possible. Mike, unite the clans! You’re a natural born leader. I can see it in your eyes. Mike, unite the clans!

    1. Earl of Bruce is saying right about now, “I knew Wm Wallace. Wm Wallace was a friend of mine, and you Mr. Young, are no William Wallace”. 🙂

      I appreciate you’re kind words…mostly your friendship!

      1. I disagree… I think Earl of Bruce is saying “Mike Young… I’ve heard of you. You’ve been know to whup a man’s ass.” That comes from the Roy D. Mercer tapes, if you’ve ever heard them.

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