CBF General Assembly 2009

I just checked in here at the Hilton Americas in Houston for the 2009 Cooperative Baptist Fellowship General Assembly, 2009 edition. I’m honestly not really looking forward to the meeting this year. The family couldn’t be here and it’s shaping up to be a really busy week. (but I do have a nice view of Minute Maid Park from my hotel room window…too bad the Astros are in San Diego this week.


5 thoughts on “CBF General Assembly 2009

    1. We have about 30ish (32?). Good group…its shaping up to be a really good event. I’m taking a group to Galveston tomorrow to do some clean up on the beach and then we’re going to visit with a ministry to talk about systemic and situational poverty issues. The other groups will be in Houston talking with an organization about human trafficking issues.

  1. Houston in July??? What were they thinking? Sorry the ‘Stros are out of town. I never miss a chance to catch a game in a different city. When will you be back in town? If my calendar is correct, we have an accountability meeting one week from today!!

    1. Can’t wait… The whole “Houston in July” thing is still a mystery…I’m guessing that “they” got a “deal” because “no-one” wanted to book a convention in Houston in July…just a hunch.

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