“bet the house is not the same without my hyper self…”

hyper |ˈhīpər| — (adjective informal)  hyperactive or unusually energetic

I spoke to my youngest son on the telephone last night.  He and his brother have been in Louisiana for 16 days…I would round that off to “about 2 weeks” but it’s been every bit of 16 days.  Mom and dad and sister miss them both very much, and from the phone conversations the feelings are mutual.

Now they have had a blast in Louisiana with the grandparents.  A quick rundown of their itinerary: 3 days with the cousins from Texas (they do not get together nearly enough); logged numerous miles driving (I do mean driving…not merely riding) papaw’s pickup truck around the fields, to the store and the co-op; explored the home place on the 4-wheeler; swam in the river nearly every evening, toured various points of interest along the Louisiana gulf coast (Grand Isle; South Lafourche High School-their dad’s alma mater; visited the Wedell-Williams Aviation Museum; visited LSU; Mike the Tiger’s habitat; TigerMania for baseball National Championship gear; hung out with Aunt Sherry and Uncle Tony, enjoyed numerous “guilt-free” trips to WalMart for more toys they do not need; enjoyed hot, home-maid biscuits every meal on demand; “camping out” in mamaw’s living room, etc.   I could go on, but you get the idea.
Ethan, the youngest, had a bet on with his brother that big sister Hillary “didn’t miss him.”  Austen, with 4 years more maturity and experience in such things knew better.  But Ethan had his doubts…until he talked to big-sis and decided it was necessary to reverse his bet.  So last night, on the eve of their return home, Ethan verbalized the following observation:

“I’ll bet the house isn’t the same without my hyper self.”

I had to laugh…nothing more true has ever been said.  He was expressing many things with that observation.  He knew there were no little boys from the neighborhood descending on the refrigerator and the pantry like locusts picking them clean of soft drinks and snacks.  He knew the house was quieter without his “hyper-self” creating new worlds via the mediums of Lego, action figures, pens, paper, and computer games.  But most of all, he wanted to hear someone verbalize that he was missed—that in his absence was a hole that could not be filled.  And he was absolutely right.
I’m thankful for summer vacations with the grandparents…those are memories I still cherish from my own childhood.  I’m also thankful for that hyper-self returning today to refill his space.  I don’t think I’ll be telling him to chill out…at least for a couple of days.


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