…have you ever considered you might be wrong?

There seems to be a disturbing lack of modesty these days. ¬†I’m not talking about physical exhibitionism. ¬†I’m talking about the nature of words. ¬†We (me included) flash thoughts into comment boxes and status updates without much thought. ¬†We tend to listen to people who agree with us. ¬†And then, when someone voices a different opinion, we pounce…its a feeding frenzy. ¬†I’ve long ago quit reading college football message boards…inane testosterone fueled drivel. ¬†And then along comes the election cycle…hard to avoid.

I read a post written by Ron Howard a couple days ago on the Huffington Post basically calling for for honest campaign ads…basically the candidate speaking into the camera in their own words with an American flag backdrop. ¬†No writers…no professional spin doctors…no film makers. ¬†Simply stating their positions on the germane issues of the day. ¬†If they are going to attack their opponent, it would be words coming directly out of their own mouth. ¬†I would love to see this happen. ¬†But of course no one would listen to those ads.

I recently engaged in a little flash discussion with some college buddies of mine. ¬†Both were roommates at one time or another. ¬†Both were groomsmen in my wedding. ¬†Here some 25ish years later, we find our selves in 3 different states separated by thousands of miles and pretty much on different sides on what has proven to be some very emotionally charged issues. ¬†Something pretty refreshing happened. ¬†We all presented our positions without calling each other names. ¬†Respectful dialogue…hmmm…. ¬†Imagine that…

As to Snoopy, frankly…no…it rarely occurs to us that we might be wrong. ¬†Mainly because we only really listen to our own voice. ¬†We surround ourselves with voices that agree with our voice. ¬†And then, when a different point of view is expressed, we simply turn it off…either by switching the channel, the station, the website, or the magazine. ¬†If it’s on our Facebook page, we simply try to scream louder than they are. ¬†So…no, Snoopy, it has never occurred to me that I might be wrong. ¬†Probably not anyone reading this post either.