Facebook Fast

“Really?!?”, replied my wife.   “I don’t believe you!” commented my daughter on my last post before signing off Facebook for Lent 2011.  I have to admit, I was at best skeptical.

A little context/confession here…I’ve never completed a Lenten fast.  I’ve only tried it one time before.  I was a “fail” as the kids like to say.  I couldn’t even tell you at this moment what I failed to give up for lent that year.    More context/confession…I’m a Facebook junkie.  I was a very early adopter.  Facebook opened membership to anyone over the age of 13 with a valid email address in September of 2006.  I was aware of Facebook on college campuses prior to that time.  I opened my own Facebook account in the Summer of 2007.  That puts me pretty much in the Total-Facebook-Geek category in most people’s books.  I check it on my computer, on my phone, while I’m at the office, while I’m driving in my car…just about anywhere.

Part of this lent deal for our church this year was to “give up something” but also, add something.  As I’m writing this, I’m aware of my failure in the add category…I was going to write more consistently…fail.

So the doubts of my wife and daughter are pretty much justified.  I’m still pretty skeptical about the chances of my success with the Facebook portion of this thing.   Here goes nothing…


2 thoughts on “Facebook Fast

  1. as a very early adopter of fb i understand your addiction. i came on just after they opened it up to those outside of college because both of my boys were on it, and i ministered to college students.
    most of the messaging i do is now on fb and not by email. now the twitterverse is an entirely different ball game for me.

    and just wait… the more content you produce the more you’ll flex that muscle and see everything as an opportunity to produce material.
    hang in there.


  2. As I commented on your sign off post – “You lent observers really are serious.” I gave up TV last year (regular shows like CSI, Big Bang, etc), but I think you bring up a great point… the one normally missed… if you give up something, but don’t fill that hole with God, what’s the point? I failed to “get more God” and viewed my first attempt at observing lent to be a wasted effort. What I like about FB is the ability to continue our bible study discussions on into the week. An hour on Sunday morning just isn’t enough. FB also allows us to “chime in” if we have to miss a Sunday. By the way, I liked your project 365 you started. I guess it will end up project 325 now….

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