I read an article in the March issue of Harper’s Magazine that I think will be worth your time.  The writer, William T. Vollmann, spends some time with homeless people in the city and provides an interesting look into what I think to be a misunderstood world.  I would urge you to read the article from more of a sociological perspective first rather than putting on your political glasses (regardless of what shade of political glasses you might be sporting).  I’ll grant the obvious left leaning slant of Harper’s…something that might keep some of you from clicking the link below and reading the article.  However, I think this is an interesting (and well written) glimpse into this world.

Homeless in Sacramento: Welcome to the New Tent Cities


4 thoughts on “Homeless

  1. You, too, can claim the pictured park bench as your home. All that needs to happen first is a big brain fart.

      1. As far as the contents of the article are concerned, this author also cites the smelling bad theme, a cultural universal in homelessness:

        “Indeed the most powerful quotidian argument against tolerating the proximity of the unsheltered must be an olfactory one.” [Vollmann, W. Homeless in Sacramento: Welcome to the new tent cities. Harper’s (March 2011). Hyperlink in post above.]

        In overall the narrative is about a guy who owned a vacant lot adjacent to his house and was renting parking permissions out to motorists. Eventually, he ends up allowing homeless blokes to pitch tents there. At first the police tolerate this; then inform the guy no one can be camping there, even if it is his property. He refuses to evict campers, so the cops do it. There follows more about other homeless camps.

        More on homeless experience from personal & political viewpoint on http://intomilkyway.wordpress.com/

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