Pearls Before Breakfast (reblog)

This is post from almost 4 years ago…but after my little trip to the symphony this week, I was reminded of this and wanted to revisit it. The Washington Post story by Gene Weingarten is fabulous…well worth your time to read it. There are also video’s in the piece of the performance. Enjoy. Peace!

so here we are in the field...

Pearls Before Breakfast –
This is a VERY good article from the Washington Post Magazine.  It won the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for feature writing for Gene Weingarten.  The experiment was to place one of the worlds greatest violinists playing some of the world’s greatest music on one of the world’s finest and most rare violins in the entrance of a train station to play the part of a street musician.  Weingarten’s story and observations are found in this piece.  I would love to read your responses to the story.

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