jesus-question-copy So…I’m considering this question.  I work at a church and there are a lot of things a church might be about.  But in my mind one of those things, maybe the most important thing…but maybe not (I’ll grant that possibility to someone that might have a better answer)…is to better follow Jesus.

I’m submitting this question to whomever might choose to read this little post.  I’m not necessarily looking for public comments (although they are welcome).  I’m not interested in laying a guilt trip on anyone.  I’m not wanting to convert anyone on this post.  I’m simply asking this question of myself and inviting others to consider it as well.  Grace and peace.


2 thoughts on “My Jesus Question

  1. With all do respect if I understand your question correctly you are asking that to follow Jesus is to become a better follower? I think the most important thing is the fact that through Jesus Christ we are now righteousness in God’s eyes and are allowed to spend eternally with Him. I am not sure this is answering your question.

    1. My understanding of “eternity” includes right now. It’s not only a future hope but a present reality. I’m finding some dissonance between the claim of “following Jesus” and actually day to day activities and decisions of people. As I’ve endured this election season, I’ve seen many things promoted as “Christian” positions. The incongruity between some of those claims and what I read about Jesus really brought me to a point of crisis in my faith in some of our institutions that claim that nam. My question was one of self-reflection. How does following Jesus show up in MY day to day activities and decisions? What difference does it make in MY response to the people I come in contact with throughout the course of a typical day? I’m attempting to become more aware of those dissonances in my own life as I claim to follow Jesus.

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